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Our History

The practice was founded by principal architect Mark P. Marcille (B.Arch, NJIT). The firm of Mark P. Marcille, Architect has a design philosophy deeply rooted in family and community. We believe a home or a building is an extension of the family / community and its soul purpose should be to better the lives of its inhabitants.

We listen closely to the needs of each client and through the architectural design process, using sustainable and only the healthiest materials and finishes, give in return light, views, beauty and harmony of spaces. We give our clients a home.

Our Philosophy

At the firm of Mark P. Marcille, Architect, each individual and site is unique and should be treated as such. Working within the challenging confines of budget and site conditions we create an architecture that is both specific to the clients needs as well as respectfully integrated with nature.



Architectural Services

Design and Construction Drawings

Design and construction drawing services begin with a consultation meeting at your home. At that meeting, our goal is to first understand what it is you need from your home, or rather what it is that is not working for you about your home.

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Bidding Services

Bidding is the process of asking three contractors to estimate the construction costs for your project. The bidders can be contractors that you know or referrals from us. We prepare a comprehensive set of bidding documents along with the architectural drawings.

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Construction Contract Administration

This phase of our services begins the moment you issue a check to a contractor to start your construction project. Our roll is to visit the construction site at intervals appropriate to the development of construction to verify that the work has been competed according to the contract documents.

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Recent Works

A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit.

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