Architectural Services

Design and Construction Drawings

Design and construction drawing services begin with a consultation meeting at your home. At that meeting, our goal is to first understand what it is you need from your home, or rather what it is that is not working for you about your home. It is important for you to simplyate to us what types of space you need, if you need existing spaces to be made larger or if you are simply looking to improve the home’s curb appeal.

If you have any photos or images of homes or spaces you find attractive feel free to show them to us. We find pictures are an effective way for you to communicate the types of spaces you like.

Having a copy of your property survey is also helpful so we can understand how the home sits on the property.

Additionally, we need to perform a zoning study with the township to understand any restrictions for development and how they may affect your project. We will then offer our professional advice regarding the optimal way to approach the design and construction of your home. Our role is to offer guidance. In the end, as the home owner, you are in control of the process.

If you have any photos or images of homes or spaces you find attractive feel free to show them to us.

We will send you a proposal for our services that outlines our costs and time frame. Typically, we will include a hand drawn sketch showing what your home could be transformed into.

Bidding Services

Bidding is the process of asking three contractors to estimate the construction costs for your project. The bidders can be contractors that you know or referrals from us. We prepare a comprehensive set of bidding documents along with the architectural drawings. The bidding documents include a set of instructions for each contractor to follow. They request proof of insurance, licensure, a payment schedule and a list of sub-contractors and material suppliers. The bidding documents also include a “Request for Pricing Breakdown” form. With this form we ask the contractor to break down the costs for construction in specific ways. These cost breakdowns help us to quickly analyze each bid.

For the owner, the bidding documents include a list of finish items such as plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, tile, etc., along with quantities. We ask that you begin to shop your finish items from a cost standpoint. We can help you with this process of you need help. Finishes vary in cost dramatically depending upon your tastes. It is important to understand where your finish costs are as they are a large portion of the total cost.

Bidding Process:

We will have a bid meeting with each contractor separately at our office to explain the project, bid documents and drawings.
We ask each bidder to make an appointment with you at your home. This allows the contractor to become familiar with the existing conditions as well as gives you an opportunity to meet each bidder.
The bids are required to be delivered to my office by a specified date in sealed envelopes. Together, we will open the bids and begin the process of selecting a contractor.



Construction Contract Administration

This phase of our services begins the moment you issue a check to a contractor to start your construction project. Our roll is to visit the construction site at intervals appropriate to the development of construction to verify that the work has been competed according to the contract documents. We typically will have weekly meetings to review progress and the events for the upcoming week. When a payment is due to the contractor we ensure that the work to that point is complete and in writing authorize the payment. If the work is only 80% complete than we authorize a payment for 80% of that which is due. The primary goal here is to ensure that monies are fairly distributed at any point during the construction process. We also help coordinate the selection of architectural finish materials, colors and patterns.



A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit.

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